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Akhirnya..Terima kasih banyak-banyak Cik Nuffnang ek, semoga pertolongan kamu direstui..ceyhhh wahhh..Akhirnya dapat jugak status glitterati aku. Maklum la aku ni blogger baru nak naik katakan..benda macam ni penting kot. blurrrppppsss..

Kalau korang status glitterati hilang tengok terms and conditions dekat bawah ni. Mana la tahu kot ada yang kena-mengena/sepupu/sedara antara ayat-ayat kat bawah ni. Translate sendiri je la ek. :)

Terms and Conditions:

* The Loyalty Program is open to exclusive Nuffnang bloggers where "exclusive" is defined as not having any advertisement unit being placed on the user’s blog that originates from South East Asia ad network, or any other ad network that Nuffnang deemed as a direct competitor.
* Loyalty Program membership cannot be backdated to allow for benefits to be earned prior to joining the program.
* Glitterati status may be lost if for any reason we are unable to detect a Nuffnang ad on any of your registered blogs (e.g. if your blog is taken private, has been suspended, or your blog server suffers a prolonged failure), or any blog does not receive any traffic for an extended period of time.
* Any users found to intentionally defraud the system by manipulating the rules to be included in the Loyalty Program will be banned for an indefinite period of time.
* Nuffnang reserves the right to restrict or ban any users from the Loyalty Program without reason or cause.
* Nuffnang reserves the right to alter the Terms and Conditions.

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